NPR Weekend Edition!


Another segment of the interview with Jon Kalish aired on NPR this weekend, alongside words from Derek Elley of Ponoko and Duann Scott from Shapeways!

Have a listen to the piece here >

Thanks again Jon!

SketchChair in Spark on CBC Radio

Check out some segments of interview with Tiago on this week’s episode of Spark, from Canadian CBC Radio!

Many thanks to Jon Kalish for producing this!

Maker Carnival, ideas worth realising

We had the immense pleasure of attending Maker Carnival last month, what looks like the first edition of China’s answer to western maker-scene festivals. The event was impressive, with an amazing assortment of foreign and local projects from all sorts of backgrounds.

Justin Wang of the Beijing Maker Space tries out SketchChair Alpha on their huge DIY multi-touch table.

Piccolos tirelessly humming about during the first few days of the exhibition

We’d like to congratulate the Beijing Makerspace, the CMoDA Museum of Digital Arts and everyone else involved in putting together the impressive event, as well as a big thank you for hosting us. We look forward to attending the next Maker Carnival!

Build Your Own Piccolo Workshop at Linz

We want to thank the 13 participants that joined Greg Saul and Beste Nazilli in a workshop in LiWoLi 2012 at Linz, Austria to create their own Piccolo last week! Also a special thanks to Eraldo and Szara from Linz Hacker Space DevLoL who made a post about the event here: .

During the workshop participants were provided with Piccolo kits containing laser-cut parts, servos, cables, Arduino, nuts and bolts and everything they need to make a functional Piccolo on site. We fed Piccolos some basic code to make line art, but the real fun part started when our participants started tweaking with code and prototyping tools!

The workshop is also a debut of our new design, Telaio, a version that is more compact and stable!

Follow the link for more details of the workshop.

First Piccolo prototype shipped!

Ever since we won the Design Challenge at TEI 2012 with the great support from our backers, we have been working hard to deliver our design to your hand.

We are hyper to announce that we have started to mail out the first batch of Plotsi’s! The package includes laser-cut parts, fasteners, and three servos. We are also sending assembling instructions and some Arduino and Processing code to get you started.

Have fun!

Piccolo wins the TEI Design Challenge!

Fellow Piccolo team member – Huaishu Peng, did a great job presenting and demoing Piccolo at TEI 2012 in Kingston, Canada. So much so, that thanks to the TEI participants who voted with their wallets, Piccolo came away as the winner of the TEI Design Challenge!

We’d like to say a big thanks to those who voted for us in the competition, and we’re working hard on developing the prototype into a DIY kit for public release!

Encoded Matter by Corneel Cannaerts

Created at Generator.x 3: from code to atoms, Corneel sent us these wonderful images of his generative fdm prints created with some help from CodeThread.

We love the Makerbot induced artifacts seen in these abs creations, and can’t wait to print some of our own!

project page
more images
other work from Generator.x 3

Piccolo prototype, “Plotsi” at Tangíveis Residência

The third piccolo “Plotsi” prototype travelled to the Tangíveis (Tangibles), Residência AZ 2012 at the Espaço do Tempo. The prototype was assembled and tested at the residency, and in collaboration with Teresa Cardoso and João Nogueira created the 29+1 Project.

Each of the participants were interviewed about the project/s they were working on within the residency, producing a collection of short video introductions. Each participant was also photographed in portrait, and the resulting images proccessed into line drawing that Plotsi then illustrated onto the convent itself, leaving a “graffiti” record of the week-long residency.

SketchChair Successfully Funded!

Thanks to all great the support from our backers SketchChair has been successfully funded through Kickstarter! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters and are excited to be able to take SketchChair to the next stage of development. We are now working hard to refine a system that will allow anyone to easily design, share and fabricate their own furniture.

For those of you who have signed up to be receive the pre-release, we will be emailing out your login details next few days. You will be able to access the software in the SketchChair Collaborator Space.

We’re working hard to send out everybody’s pledge rewards, and we’re also very excited to start dedicating our time to working on SketchChair!

SketchChair on Kickstarter!

We have just launched and our Kickstarter Campaign!

This is to raise funds to complete the software and release the source code, and to start building an online community of people creating, sharing and editing designs. We decided to crowd-fund the development of SketchChair, so that we can release it as a completely free and open-source tool!

If the campaign is a success, we will use this time to build the foundation of a SketchChair community, with which we hope to create a resource of open-source furniture design.